Beautiful Places You Must Visit

So many wonderful places to discover in this area. The combination of Italian and French influences on the traditions of Alpine Mountain Life are uniquly expressed in every corner of the Piemonte Region. Below are some places I have visited and would like to share with you:

The historical and political events of this small village saw the first French rule (Sauze was part of Dauphin and in the church of San Restituto them have been found, as the baptismal font that testify to the patronage of foreigners) and then with the Italian the transition to the Savoy in 1713 (Treaty of "Utrecht").Sauze di Cesana in 1962 was a terrible tragedy broke out a large fire that destroyed much of the country. Today Sauze di Cesana is a small mountain town whose economy is based mainly on tourism.

The valley is crossed by a single unpaved county road that begins on the SP 215 (Cesana Torinese - Sestriere). At the10th mile, the valley divides into two smaller valleys: the Long Valley where you can stop to picnic at the Rifugio Alpe Plane - 2,090 m, and the Valley of the Great Miola, which ends at the foot of Grand QueyronSmugglers used to smuggle salt between Italy and France left behind numerous ruins of fortifications along this territory. The highest mountain in the valley is the Col Ramière - 3,007 m - which links to the the Val Thuras (Cesana Torinese). Waterfalls and sprawling green pastures and trails for summer hikers offer scenarios of untouched beauty. In the winter, waterfalls of ice and snow covered peaks are a haven for those wishing to make excursions of off-piste skiing and winter sports.

The alpine village of Sestriere is a popular skiing resort which together with the villages of Pragelato, Claviere, Sauze d'Oulx, Cesana Torinese and San Sicario, and Montgenèvre in France, makes up the Via Lattea (Milky Way) skiing area. Sestriere connects to 146 skiable pistes and one of the few resorts that boasts night skiing on floodlit runs. Sestriere is great for both beginners and advanced skiers and well-accomodates families and those looking for apres ski fun.

Cesana is the closest town to Sauze di Cesana, besides Sestriere, where you can do a bit of shopping and also visit the susa valley tourist info office and then go across the street to the ice cream shop and bakery. Then, continuing on the same road towards the French border you'll find Oulx which has an even bigger grocery store. They also have a unique cave which houses a statue of Mary to which many pilgrims flock to adorn with flowers and pray or to just enjoy the view of the valley.

Susa - Beautiful Roman Ruins
Heading Northeast of Oulx you will find Susa where I just happened to stop to use and internet cafe and while strolling around town I turned the corner and suddenly happed on a beautifully manicured park which leads to the Arch of Augustus and other Roman ruins and of course the statue of Augustus himself. Definitely worth the stop!

About 20 minutes away from Sauze di Cesana on the other side of the Italian-French border is the Mongenevre Ski resort. You may pass through a tunnel built by Mouselinni with bunker-type openings and icicles hanging from it's ceiling. Once past the unmanned checkpoint in France you enter Montgenevre. Continue on the road to Briancon and another half hour to Lake Embrun.


  1. Great tips and photos of where to visit when in the Alps. I wouldn't mind them written in a bigger font, though. I'm old, and my eyes are bleeding (like the woman on your snowboard) trying to read your wonderful prose.

  2. Done! Thanks for your comment.


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